Why the Raspberry Pi computer is a game changer.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The $35 Raspberry Pi computer (yeah, the card above is actually a computer) can be a game changer is for the following reasons:

  • GPIO: General Purpose Input Output Pin means you can do physical computing including robotics on the cheap.
  • Scratch and Python are freely distributed programming languages. Scratch is hugely successful now married to a $35 computer. Please remind me again why every 11 year old can’t be exposed to programming.
  • Linux: free operating system — don’t worry it has a very friendly user interface
  • Small size: easier to store in your classroom or home
  • Price: not really just $35. You will need to have used equipment to keep the price at $35. However, at twice price it still pretty darn cheap when you consider that you have no software costs.

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